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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why govt will not register FIR against A. Raja

Why govt will not register FIR against A. Raja
Because the real issue is not Raja but the Corporate houses. He has passed them the loot and they have used the loot to become rich. If govt of India has to recover this loot of which the govt. is a trustee and a custodian, then first they have to declare that one of their agents namely the PUBLIC SERVANT named A. Raja has perpetuated a fraud, a misappropriation against them and against the people of this country and therefore the wealth looted by him and passed over to beneficiary companies can be got back.
Any act of the govt to rescind the 2G spectrum Contracts are bound to fail (as claimed by Rahul Bajaj on TV channel) if there is no FIR against A. Raja on charge of Fraud, Misappropriation and corruption. So the reluctance of the govt in not registering the FIR against A. Raja is not merely to save him but to let those powerful corporate houses free with the money looted from people of India.
And how much money? 1,76,700 lakh crores of rupees is more than the annual budget of this country. It means that less money is allocated for development and more money is allocated for being looted.
Loot Maharaj Ki Jay

Leena Mehendale November 25, 2010

Time to change our national slogan from VANDE MATARAM to LOOT MAHARAJ KI
JAY. If govt puts FIR against A. Raja then only the licences given under
@ 2G spectrum can be rescinded. Hence no FIR, no Rescinding. Opposition 
should demand FIR and JPC but they too are silent on FIR.


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